"Being a stuntman isn't about being crazy. It's the exact opposite of that. Stunt work is control, calmness, rational thinking, good reflexes, athletic ability and good attitude. And a lot of hard work."

Vic Armstrong


Member of Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

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The Week Of Stunt Double: Christian Cappozoli Victor Paguia
Campus Code Stunt Double: Jesse McCartney Stephen Pope
Disconnect Stunt Double: Jason Bateman Stephen Pope
Looks That Kill Stunt Double: Brandon Flynn Ian McLaughlin
Crypto Stunt Double: Kurt Russell Drew Leary
Villains Stunt Double: Jeffrey Donovan Drew Leary
Hide and Seek Stunt Double: Joshua Alscher Drew Leary
The Unsilent Picture Stunt Double: Bill Irwin Drew Leary
Going In Style Bike Sequence Jeff Gibson
Sanctioning Evil Shootout / Squib Corey Pierno
High Heat Full Burn Drew Leary
Banshee Multiple Fights Drew Leary
God's TIme Bike Sequence Drew Leary
Harvest Moon Water Saftey Drew Leary
Hide and Seek Fall Drew Leary
Bodies Bodies Bodies Stunt Driving Drew Leary
The Roads Not Taken Utility Stunts / ND Driving Drew Leary
Redemption at Cherry Hills Stunt Driving Drew Leary
The Virtuoso Utility Stunts / ND Driving Drew Leary
Molly Utility Stunts Drew Leary
Juvie Stunt Driving Drew Leary
Port Authority Utility Stunts Drew Leary
Separation Utility Stunts Drew Leary
Braid Stunt Safety Drew Leary
Skate Girls Stunt Driver Drew Leary
Ghost Team Unarmed Fight Drew Leary
Central Park Full Burn Drew Leary
Dead at 17 Unarmed Fight Drew Leary
Sweet Lorraine Boxing Sequence Drew Leary
Broken Tower Unarmed Scuffle / Tackle Sequence Drew Leary
Is This Our Youth Driving Sequence Drew Leary
Somewhere Else Falls, Mini Tramp, Pyro Drew Leary
Rising Up Tree Fall, Unarmed FIghts, Falls Neimah Djourabchi
A World of Her PWN Falls, Unarmed Fight Brian Morvant
Return To Red Jade Unarmed Fight Drew Leary
Bohemibot Sci-Fi Gun Battle, Falls Drew Leary
Untitled Harvard Project Unarmed Fight, Grappling Drew Leary
Orpheus Descending Unarmed Fights, Sword Fight, Falls Drew Leary


Elementary (CBS) *  Stunt Double: Jonny Lee Miller  Mike Russo
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) Stunt Double: Josh Charles Jill Brown
The Path (Hulu) Stunt Double: Keir Dullea Blaise Corrigan
Quantico (ABC) Stunt Double: Russel Tovey Tony Vincent
NYC 22 (CBS) Stunt Double: Stark Sands Stephen Pope
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) Stunt Double: Danny Pino Jery Hewitt / Ian McLaughlin
Time After Time (ABC) Stunt Double: Josh Bowman Tim Gallin
Life and Beth (HBO) Stunt Double: Kevin Kane Greg Harvey
Bright Side Stunt Double: Hank Azaria Mike Russo
Only Murders in the Building FBI Raid Chris Barnes
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon) Riot Sequence Turner Smith
Succession (HBO) ND Driving Mark Fichera
Gossip Girl (HBO)* Riot Sequence / ND Driving Tracey Ruggiero
Pose (FX) Riot Sequence Mark Fichera
The Defenders (Netflix) Sword Fight Matt Mullins
Mainfest (NBC)* Drowning Sequence / Utility Stunts Greg Harvey
FBI (CBS)* Car Explosion Victor Paguia
Gotham (Fox) * Stunt Double / Fights Norman Douglass
The Godfather of Harlem (Starz) Fight Scene Mark Fichera
Big Dogs Arrest  / Tackle Sequence Corey Pierno
The Blacklist (NBC)* Shootout Cort Hessler
Boardwalk Empire (HBO) * Unarmed Fight Stephen Pope
FOX pilot Ratchet Blaise Corrigan
Royal Pains (USA) Fencing Sequence Vince Cupone
The West (AMC) Bar Fight Chad Knorr
Cop Show (YouTube) Unarmed Fight Drew Leary
* multiple episodes    

Video Games / Live Shows

Read Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games) Motion Capture / Fights Manny Siverio
Adventures of Robin Hood Jousting, Equestrian Stunts, Sword Fights Dan O'Driscoll


Unarmed, Broadsword   J. David Brimmer
Rapier, Rapier/Dagger, Broadsword, Sword & Shield, Quarterstaff   Dan O'Driscoll
  David Dean Hastings
Level 1 Stunt Driving (Box 90's, Skid Turns, 180's)   Drivers East

Additional Stunt Skills / Info

ground and pound, reactions, fights, burns, car hits, ratchets, basic low falls (up to 25 feet), grappling, swordfighiing, bullwhip, swimming (former lifeguard & varsity swimmer), intermediate horseback rider, valid NYS Drivers License, valid US passport